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Food processing technology

Translation of product brochures

Bosch Packaging Technology
Portable Architecture

Translation of specialist book

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Translation services tailor-made for us - professional, reliable, flexible and a pleasure to work with. Our partner!

Dirk Debock
Dirk Debock
After Sales Service – Robert Bosch GmbH
Technical documentation, LNG terminals

Translation, editing &
terminology services

TGE Gas Engineering GmbH
Dialogue marketing & digital printing

Website Translation

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Sonja Wesseler has been proofreading German and English specialist architecture books for the publishing house Birkhäuser Verlag since 2016 and translated the book "Portable Architecture" by Robert Kronenburg from English into German for Birkhäuser Verlag in 2008. She works with a very high level of precision, expertise and punctuality and it is always a great pleasure to work with her.

Henriette Mueller-Stahl
Henriette Mueller-Stahl
Editor – Birkhäuser Verlag
Photography website and blog

Translation & editing
Creative SEO copywriting

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Software marketing

metasfresh website and blogs

Translation German-English

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Industrial assembly services

Seidel Industriemontage GmbH

Translation of product presentations

Seidel Industriemontage GmbH

Further translation projects:

Underwriting philosophy and standards for a reinsurance company (+ 30,000 words)

Spirallo tourist guide London

Meßbacher Consulting, tourist programme

Potsdam Journal, magazine articles

Dove Spa, product presentations

Sulzer waste water systems

Jomy safety systems

Von Aichberger & Roennecke, new media

I'm absolutely enthusiastic about how Ms Wesseler acquainted me with the specialised terminology for a technical business meeting in no time, paying full attention to my individual needs. I didn't use English for years and suddenly I was faced with the task of travelling abroad for a 2-day business meeting. Thank you so much, Ms Wesseler, you cleared the way for a successful and smooth communication with my business partners!

Tatjana Neumann
Tatjana Neumann
Team leader sales and distribution – Private assignment

Frau Wesseler hat neue, suchmaschinenoptimierte Texte für meinen Blog erstellt. Ich bin äußerst zufrieden damit, wie schnell sie sich in das Thema eingearbeitet und die Texte mit funktionierenden Stichwörtern angereichert hat. Die Auswertungen der Texte ergab, dass sie aus SEO-Sicht sehr gut funktionieren und ihr Ziel erreichen. Darüber hinaus sind sie dennoch für das Zielpublikum gut und interessant zu lesen, was mir sehr wichtig war. Bei der Übersetzung meiner Website ins Englische ist mir besonders aufgefallen, wie sorgfältig Frau Wesseler die fachspezifische Terminologie recherchiert und eingebunden hat.  

Stephanie Scharschmidt
Stephanie Scharschmidt
Inhaberin – Kreativ-Werbung